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The global lighting industry center in Zhongshan, Guangdong

read:2582017-01-05 10:09:42 

BEIJING, Oct. 18 Zhongshan Electric ( take condemnation陈彦儒) " China Lighting Capital " Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong will add ship lighting industry, " the giant aircraft carrier ," 18 am, the center of the global lighting industry, Wang Plaza lights ceremony in held here .

Lighting ceremony was held the ceremony site , meaning the global lighting industry center lights Wang Plaza was officially launched, town lighting industry will take to achieve industrial upgrading , to build a unified R & D, development , trade, finance , billing , logistics, training, and integrated e-commerce and other industries service center , will build a town "Global Lighting Capital ."

It is understood that the global lighting industry center with a total planned area of 430,000 square meters , total construction area of 1.7 million square meters . The construction is divided into three , one for the lights Wang Plaza , two of the headquarters office, three integrated commercial and residential area. Project construction includes : 328 meter high lamp king landmark global lighting brands HITEC City , lighting museum, headquarters base, R & D parks, industrial service buildings, senior personnel apartments, hotels and other industry topics and relevant in China the formation of the core city chain sales service platform, in a project , after completion of the second phase to achieve the domestic a-share IPO market .

Among them, a light Wang Dongxing Road is located in the center of the square block area , Guzhen Town and Hua Ting Road junction , covers an area of 139,000 square meters ,