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LED lighting help "build a beautiful China"

read:2732017-01-04 18:17:47 

OFweek semiconductor lighting Reuters last month , Foshan Lighting Association and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to research "recovery issues fluorescent tube energy-saving lamps ," learning experience lamp recycling in Beijing , looking for LED lighting business opportunities. The results showed that , LED lighting is very bright prospects for the future , because the LED can be linked to " build a beautiful China ."
"Eighteen big" presents "Beautiful China " , from the policy point of view, "Beautiful China " need long-term investment. It is anticipated that construction under the guidance of "Beautiful China " targets in the future for a long time, "green " will become an important investment theme, and LED lighting is consistent with this theme.

1 , energy saving and environmental protection . Data show that current technology , LED saving than incandescent than 80 % of the electricity and 50 % of the electricity saving than fluorescent lamps , fluorescent lamps and mercury contamination caused by a technical problem can not be solved , especially in rural areas, serious pollution of the environment.

2 , health smart idea . Color LED having a dimmable , adjustable color temperature and color rendering properties , not only energy , but also secondary energy , while providing illumination depending on the health of people .

3 , environmental policy escort . Pressure and energy needs of the urban environment is facing the dual pressures of government , environmental issues have been linked with the future of officials together to promote LED lighting can help solve this problem.